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Combase Lottery Software

Creating lotteries how you want

Combase is the only lottery CRM in the market that empowers you with the ability to increase your revenue through its modules. Combase is committed to providing its clients with the most advanced bespoke developments so that they can grow their lottery. With flexibility in its design, Combase gives you not only the ability to run a compliant and dynamic lottery, but gives your customers more options in the ways they can support.

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Our Story

Combase has been assisting charities across the UK with their lotteries for over 20 years. Combase's knowledge of fundraising stratergies and lottery regulations are a valuable resource for all of its clients. Ingenuity and customisation are two of our software company’s central pillars so that we continue to provide the best services to all of our clients. With a diverse and wide spread client base we are proud to say that Combase helps its users annually turn over £13.5 million in revenue for their respective causes.

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Making a difference for 20 years

Charity fundraising has changed dramatically over the years, but very little has changed in the way lotteries are designed. Combase has used its 20 years worth of fundraising knowledge to add revolutionary developments to its software. With regular updates and developments supplied to it users, you can expect the most advanced software on the market when you switch to Combase.

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“Our canvassers are experienced in selling lottery products, and they say the pattern pricing makes it an easier sale because we offer an amount to pay, rather than a number of entries.” – Chris Routley, Hospiscare, Exeter

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