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Combase Lottery Module

Everything you need in a Lottery CRM: The Combase weekly lottery module allows you to sign customers up to an ongoing lottery subscription and track their playing history. Included with this module is a single ticket module allowing you to add one off payments to increase revenue for that weeks draw. Combase’s lottery module will calculate every player’s credit and chances and help you reconcile each subscription before the draw.

Reporting on what happens: With in-depth reporting and flexible printing options, Combase empowers its users with everything they need to set up players and conduct a draw. Using SQL database Combase is able to query hundreds of data points creating reports to analyse; attrition rates, donations and gift aid subscriptions, family member links and much much more. Getting reports created is free  and simple with Combase support so you can analyse your performance any way you need.

Automatic imports: Importing payments and new players is simple and easy with Combase's automatic bulk imports. Capable of uploading SO, DD, CC, DC and Cheque files you will be able to import thousands of records in seconds. With extensive payment reports you will be able to reconcile payments so that you can be certain that all received funds have gone to the correct customer accounts.

You have control over every aspect of your lottery including prize set up, win % and prize roll over. Combase is experienced at migration and will support you through the entire process, so whether you are setting up your first lottery, or moving to us after having one for a decade, we have the knowledge to help you manage your lottery.

Keeping you compliant: Combase will also keep your lottery GDPR compliant with its extensive player profile. Combase’s content preference capture is extremely thorough giving you the ability to report on and shape marketing campaigns using the data you capture. Additionally Combase will store any self-exclusion information and remove players from the draws accordingly.

If you would like to find our more about the lottery module, please feel free to contact us via email  or contact us on 0203 026 5335

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