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Varied Stake Lottery

Changing The Game

With all of the functionality and reporting of the weekly lottery module, the varied stake lottery allows you to run a daily lottery. Similar to the post code lottery the varied stake lottery asks your players monthly payment, and will give them a chance to win every day.

You are capable of adjusting the win % within Combase so you can set the chance of prizes being won at whatever level you decide. With roll over prize settings available you can promote major jackpots every month!

Combase will calculate the stake for each draw based off the amount of days in the month you wish to run a draw and all you need to do is reconcile payments as they come in. All of the Combase's lottery reports and tools are available in this model including the super draw and single ticket bolt ons.

If you would like to find our more about the Varied Stake module, please feel free to contact us vie email or contact us on 0203 026 5335

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