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On this page we post new and exciting ways in which Combase is changing the way fundraising is done. Combase are committed to bringing its users the most up to date and revolutionary tools in the market. By doing this we aim to help our charities make more for their causes every year.

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Pattern Pricing – Revolutionising lotteries

There are many things the 20th century gave us that are worth hanging onto, but the idea that lottery donations should be fixed at £1 per week is not one of them. As inflation has slowly eroded the value of lottery player’s contributions, charities have struggled to find a way to increase their donations without encountering resistance or backlash. This fear is not unfounded, with charities reporting losing up to a third of their players when they attempt to upgrade them from a £1 to a £2 play.

Giving the choice back to the customer

Combase has found a solution to this problem with its pattern pricing module. With pattern pricing, lottery players have more options to support their charity with and as a reward for their slightly increased gift, they are given bonus monthly or annual chances into the draw. This means that a charity can ask for just a little bit more from each person in their lottery and in return will gift them bonus entries into the draw.

For example, a player on the Silver package would receive an additional 1 chance per month, and 2 chances per year, for just £5.50 per month (a total gift of £66 annually). On the Gold package which is just £6.50 per month, they would receive an additional 2 chances a month, and 2 chances a year for a total of £78. That’s £26 more than that charity would have received otherwise. By letting the customer choose their chances, there is a pattern pricing option for everyone, starting at as little as £5 per month.

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A pattern pricing success story

HospisCare in Devon have experienced the benefits that Pattern pricing has for their lottery first hand. While pattern pricing might initially seem like a daunting sell for canvassers, HospisCare found the opposite. Says Chris Routley- Lottery Sales Manager ‘Our canvassers are people who have sold lottery before, and they say that the pattern pricing makes it an easier sale because we offer an amount to pay, rather than a number of entries’. An impressive 97% of players chose to take up a new pattern. This shows that the opportunity to increase player contributions is there for the taking for those charities that give their players a convenient way to do so.

Through implementing pattern pricing, HospisCare has seen a huge 36% increase in their average monthly gift - bucking the trend of declining lottery revenues and enabling them to continue providing excellent services to their community.

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